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We deliver simple and lovable products that make your lives easier,
through innovative thinking, geeky technologies and attention to detail.

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Small. Vibrant. Passionate.

Omar Inam

Development Ninja and Co-founder with 4 Years of native mobile development experience as an entrepreneur in Riyadh. The mobile genius, has a Masters in Business Administration and managed strategy projects at PWC for more than 3 Years. After a freak accident with his computer,  he woke up with supernatural coding powers, resigned from the corporate jungle and starting building incredible apps

Nadeem Bakhsh

Experience Jedi and Co-Founder with 11 years of UX experience in the UAE, UK and USA. Nadeem has a Master’s in Electronic Technologies for Business specializing in Usability, and a background in Genetics and Computer Science from the University of Manchester. Nadeem speaks human and thinks in code.

sebastian dietzel needa
Sebastian Dietzel

Technology Guru and Co-Founder, 17 years of computer engineering experience spreading from Germany to the UAE. Sebastian is a software engineering & architecture genius that was the director of the largest web technology team in the Middle East by day, handling millions of requests, photos and users per second and dreams in binary by night.

Guiding Principles.

1. Simplicity Trumps All

Over complicating the problem overcomplicates the solution. A focussed and strategic approach yields the most effective outcomes.

3. Deliver & Awe

We take customer needs seriously. We strive to deliver your next order on time and on budget, with results that blow you away.

2. Iterate Then Iterate

Never rest on your laurels. Nothing of worth is perfected on first attempt – so we make it our mission to perfect every last detail.

4. For The People

We believe in making our world user friendly. Simplicity, usability and mind blowing user experience is our mission.

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  • “We knew our orders and tracking systems needed an overhaul and needa delivered exactly what we were looking for”


    - Elaine Claire, Immunity

  • “Our orders doubled in a matter of days. We are so happy with the results!”


    - Jesse Ware, Maids4u

  • “They responded to our requirements with enthusiasm. Their experience was invaluable for our business.”


    - Will Saul, Medical Centre

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Our Story

Established in 2015, Needa is an instant booking service aimed at bridging the gap between customers and service providers. Through state-of-the-art real time communication technologies, Needa provides you with real-time access to an entire marketplace of nearby services through a simple user friendly experience.

Developed in a region where explaining directions sounds like “when the large supermarket with the Mcdonalds is on your right, take a u-turn, the first right, the left at the end of the street at the t junction, then the second house on the right side”, in a language you don’t speak, Needa leverages mobile technologies to streamline location data across providers and customers, allowing you to keep track of your service provider throughout the order process.

The clever branding is bilingual, Needa means ‘to page’ in Arabic, and a required essential in English. Do you need a cleaner? Plumber? Carpenter? Doctor? Delivery? The app allows you to page an available service provider with your location, track their journey on a real time map, without any payment hassles using award winning design and development processes.

Our flexible ordering platform, enables our customers to order a wide range of services through Needa’s user friendly multilingual interface. All the service providers registered on the service work for verified businesses, have their background & certifications checked to ensure a safe and reliable quality of service for our users.

Developed in Riyadh & Dubai, it is based on state-of-the-art real time mobile internet technologies that are being used in Silicon Valley. The founders are experienced entrepreneurs, all renowned experts of their domains and come from America, England, Germany and Saudi Arabia.
Needa’s innovative approach to provide a user friendly experience to homes and businesses aims to disrupt the local services market. No more unanswered phone calls, missed appointments, cash hassles, unheard complaints or waiting weeks for an appointment. We provide you with instant services to your footstep.