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    Frequently Asked Questions

Is Needa super awesome?

Hell yes! It’s a simple to use based on the coolest technologies and really clean interface. It’s super easy to use and you’ll love it!

Will there be a Needa for other platforms?

Needa is available on Apple iOS and Android platforms at the moment, as that is most of what our market uses in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Email us if you’d like to request another platform, and we’ll start taking votes. We’ve spent the past few months perfecting Needa and we’re sure you’re going to love what we’ve done with it!

How many services can I order?

You may order as many services as you like per life time. This means that if you plan to use Needa for another life, you will need to download it again.

I can’t find the service I want?

We’re working around the clock to add new services and providers to our app for you. If we don’t have what you want, please let us know who to contact and we’ll get in touch with them right away. Tell them not to worry, we’ll make it easy for them, that is what makes us different.

Do you provide support for Needa?

Yes – we provide support for Needa via our dedicated support email. This includes general support and we generally like to entertain customers too.

How can I make payments?

We’ve worked very hard to make payments as easy as possible for you. We’ve done tons of research to use the best payment gateways available in the Middle East, and if you’re not cool with online payments, we accept cash on delivery too. As we said, easy and nothing to worry about.

How can I list my business or service?

That is easy too. Just get in touch. You can email or call us and we’ll take you through our services verification process to ensure reliability and an awesome quality of service for all our customers.

Still have questions? Contact us!