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Our studies have shown that businesses who enlist on Needa earn more revenues, reach more customers and make more sales.

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Simple and affordable order tracking and management for everyone.

Our service empowers your whole team, from managers to delivery drivers to become efficient, effective, deliver higher performance and quality customer service.

Real Time Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art technologies give you full visibility of your business logistics in real time and access to historical reports.


Market to New Customers

Receive access to a whole new customer segment in your city, the smart, digital, instant, on demand customer.


Simplified Payments & Reports

Payments are transparent and simple to use. Get paid in no time and view advanced reports and business metrics.

Meet Abdullah Mohammad:
Riyadh’s favourite handy man.

Abdullah has worked in the maintenance industry for over 15 years and in that time has done all kinds of work. Abdullah’s philosophy is built on respect for time and a committed work ethic.


“We knew our orders and tracking systems needed an overhaul and needa delivered exactly what we were looking for”


- Elaine Claire, Immunity

“Our orders doubled in a matter of days. We are so happy with the results!”


- Jesse Ware, Maids4u

Is Needa a contract?

No, you are free to join and go as you please. We don’t believe in locking you into any long-term contracts. When you sign up on a monthly plan, you have 1 week to cancel for a full refund.

Is there an incentive if I refer a friend?

Yes, we offer referral incentives for partners on Needa. Each service you refer who partners up on a monthly plan entitles you to sales commissions.

Do you run Windows or Blackberry?

No – We foster an atmosphere where we cater to the majority of the market. All phones and technologies are not equal. Developing for Apple and Android only leads to a smoother and enjoyable experience for all.

Tell me more about the platform.

Our partner specialists have formulated a broad range of options to build appropriate business packages to boost your growth whilst keeping your costs within budget.

Still have questions? Tweet @needaservices for answers

Working up a viral wow in Riyadh, daily.

We offer several services on demand to thousands of customers in and around Riyadh.
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